About Lisa (aka flickershine)

I am a Mom, a wife, a respected business person and a recovering drug addict. I have tried to remain honest about my addiction and knew when I first took the risk I may be on a path to a place where I would need help to stop. It became much more complicated than that and I am now on a hopeful path taking myself back to something closer to my perception of normal. I am committed to recovery and trying to find the parts of me I lost in the risky choices I made and the chemical chaos I created for myself. I have learned the power of a substance and understand first hand, addiction. Now I have to find hope, gratitude and acceptance to focus on the light that exists inside me. I allowed my inner light and worth to be shadowed in a high and an escape from life on life’s terms. From 2012 .

I chose the username flickershine to illustrate my journey from addiction to recovery.

Visit me at my Vital Spark pages to learn about the life coaching business I have specializing in addiction recovery support

VITAL SPARK Meditation, Mindfulness & Spirituality


One thought on “About Lisa (aka flickershine)

  1. All the power to you. It’s a difficult journey when one is addicted to a drug, believing it is the answer, when it’s not. Especially when we’re young, we haven’t seen or experienced enough of life to really know we made a mistake in some of our choices. Nothing wrong to admitting a mistake and correcting it, it’s when we keep going back to it, that becomes a concern. The question is why. I believe it’s because of what has happened in our lives and we are trying to hide from it with an altered mind. But, we come off the high and face it again, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Stop, is it really worth it? Talk to someone, it might not be so bad. It’s only because we think it is because we are dealing with it all alone. Go to flickrshine. She’ll help your journey.

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